New and efficient solution for data distribution in apartments

The orientation in the issues of planning modern data distributions systems in homes is still poor, and the situation is equally bleak when terminating cables in standard data racks.  To maintain a space-saving design, there is often a requirement that the same type of distributor was used for power (heavy current) distribution and data distribution.  In apartment houses (more precisely in individual apartments), the installation of routine data racks is therefore not convenient, and patch panels are almost impossible to install in standard el. distribution cabinets with DIN rails (patch panels needed for structured cabling) available on our market.

The light current STAKOHOME (data) distributor represents a truly complex solution of a light-current (data) home distributor on the market. STAKOHOME introduced its solution as the first as early as in 2006. It is a sleek and professional product that is additionally marked with a nameplate, and is accompanied by a declaration of conformity, including type tests in a certified testing laboratory.  It thus complies with all legal obligations for subsequent review and final approval.

Fig. No. 1 Standard data distributor

Considering a sufficient number of data sockets is clearly paying off.  Most devices such as TVs, receivers, set-top boxes or DVDs are already fitted with data connectors of the RJ45 type, and can be hence interconnected into a single network where their control then becomes very easy. Convenient is also connection of one network printer, storage of data on one central server and downloading music and movies onto a single repository.  Everything always easily accessible.

We deliver complete type solutions for 2 bedroom apartments + kitchinette, 3 bedroom + kitchinette apartments and 4 bedroom + kitchinette apartments, as well as solutions tailored to the customer's request.  Compared to other options, apartment solution is far more efficient and saves greatly the wiring in the common areas of the house.  In larger apartments there are also financial savings (depending on the length and extent of cabling in common areas).   Light current (data) StakoHome distributor is ready to meet the demand of 99 percent of end users and developers, and the remaining one percent is on an extensive and demanding installations with multiple data ports and a number of active elements that the Stakohome distributor is not designed for.

The STAKOHOME solution is supported and used by one of the high-quality telecommunication service providers of triple play (cable television IP-TV, IP telephony and Internet) - the company T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.. T-Mobile is a brand of Deutsche Telekom AG.


The STAKOHOME solution is included in portfolios of developers throughout the country.

Advantages of the STAKOHOME solution

  • Financially efficient (less wiring in the common areas of the house, more services in one - Internet, television, IP TV, telephone)
  • Space-saving (saving cables, no more large bundles of cables in the corridors of houses)
  • Easy installation and subsequent handling
  • Can be used for most apartments, canned type solutions
  • Solution tailor-made to customer's needs (individual composition of components)
  • UVersatility (use of different types and manufacturers of connectors / keystones and interior equipment)
  • You can use almost any existing electrical distributors. The same design of power distributor with low power (data) home distributor is maintained in the apartment.
  • The user has full control over the entire data network in their apartment (sharing documents, files, printers, etc.)
  • The solution is fully compatible with data network manufacturers

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