Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is it advantageous to have a home data rack?

    Home data rack (distributor) is an effective and cheap solution. It virtually takes up no space in an apartment, and can be placed under the plaster. It brings cost savings in distribution of cabling in common areas of the apartment/house and of course allows not only receiving all current advanced services, such as digital TV channels (IP-TV), internet and voice services, but also to operate its own data network and keep everything under perfect control.

    Most modern devices, such as TVs, receivers, set-top boxes, DVDs or Blu-Ray players, are already fitted with data connectors of the RJ45 type. Therefore, they can be almost instantly interconnected into a single network.

  • Who is the Stakohome home/data cabinet intended for?

    The Stakohome home/data cabinet (distributor) is primarily intended for apartments in which the installation of telephone or data/computer network is considered. Data distribution (cables) should be among the obvious and essential component of any modern housing.

    The Stakohome solution is advantageous when there are more access points / ports than data cables from service providers - telephone, Internet, television, IP-TV (e.g. O2, T-Mobile etc.) within an apartment, and also when you wish to have a data network within an apartment under full control.

    Example 1: From, the service provider, you have two cables running into your apartment; but you wish to have four connection points there (e.g. two data double-sockets).

    Example 2: In the apartment (e.g. one-room flat) you want to have one connection point (one single data socket) and you have a data cable brought to the apartment by the service provider. In this case, the Stakohome data cabinet is not required; the cable from the provider is fed directly to the socket.

    Part of the solution (universal Stakohome patch panel) can be used in family houses, where it is designed in plastic or metal cabinet (which has a standard 19 "size and fit).  

    The Stakohome patch panel is suitable due to its small size and mounting options on a flat surface.

  • Why is your solution unique or different from the competition?

    The STAKOHOME cabunet (distributor) represents a truly complex solution of a light-current (data) home switchboard on the market that also includes all the legal requirements for inspection technician and for subsequent approval. It is costly and space-saving (less wiring in the common areas of the house).

    The basis is a new specific patch panel that has Czech and foreign legal protection and has been specifically designed for apartments and family houses. The distributor also offers a conceptual solution of active elements fit (switches, routers) and is simple to install, use or emergency handling

    Customer also determines the design of the home (data) cabinet. The final design can be as consistent as power distributor. The distributor has a minimum depth and, if placed / concealed under the plaster, it does not take up any space.

  • What space does the distributor take up; Is it possible to choose different designs?

    To put designs in harmony, we apply standard solutions to high-voltage distributors to our solutions (commercially available from manufacturers - Siemens, Eaton, OEZ, ABB, Legrand, Hager, Schneider Electric, etc.).  The customer has a choice of a variety of embodiments; depending only on their taste.

    Distributors usually have a minimum depth and, if placed concealed under the plaster, they do not take up any space (see the pictures below).

    Fig.Opened/Closed power distributor and the distributor (data cabinet) STAKOHOME.

  • Is it not more convenient to have a wireless system instead of cable data network?

    Wireless solutions generally have more disadvantages than the traditional wired systems. If your apartment or house is in the process of construction or reconstruction, it is better to choose a cable technology. The advantage of conventional cabling is particularly high operational reliability and speed.

    Most of the available modern electronics is already available in the RJ45 data connectors, and is ready for stable wired connection.

    Data / network and Stakohome solutions allow you to receive all current modern services, such as TV programs (IP-TV), Internet or voice services, and operate own private data network within the apartment.

  • What is the size of the apartments your solution is designed for?

    The Stakohome solution is not limited in size, it can be used both in small (2 + 1) and in large flats (more than 4 + 1).

    But it is not convenient for apartments requiring extreme amounts of data sockets, for example, 20 or more, or when installing a larger number of active elements, or requesting a UPS backup source, or for the installation of NAS server. In these specific cases, it is better to find more space and install a more spacious data rack distributor.

  • Do you sell type solutions only?

    One of the advantages of our solution is that we sell sets tailored to the customer. The customer thus gets only what they really need. Our offer, although containing canned type solutions (for 2/3 bedroom apartments, 4 + kitchenette) used by developers mainly due to the simplicity and clarity, is ready for both individual and atypical requirements.

    For customer, we can prepare a distributor equipped by the number of outlets in the apartment, and by the data inlets from the provider. The advantage is a unified design with conventional electrical distributors (that are usually installed in the foyer of the apartment). The Stakohome solution is therefore under no circumstances a violent change in the spatial design.

  • I am interested in the Stakohome distributor. At what point should I contact you?

    The Stakohome houme data cabinet is installed during the renovation or new construction. Switchboard houses cables from both service providers and distribution within the apartment which both building means intervention.

    The Stakohome (data) distributor is supplied as a complete solution. The installation company that installs the wiring in the apartment receives it as an integrated package that only needs to be easily installed and connectedí.

  • I am buying a new apartment from a developer that is now under construction. How do I know that I have the right data wiring in my apartment? Can I have this distributor even within a developer project?

    It's no problem to deliver the Stakohome data distributor as part of a developer project. We cooperate with a number of developers throughout the country who install our solutions within the standard construction.

    But it is necessary to think of the wiring early enough, and request the information from the developer as soon as you can. The supply of our solution is not a complication either for the developer, or for the installer, just the opposite. Ask yet before buying a new apartment, how and whether you have all the data distribution/cables solved. If you are unsure, send us the documents. We will gladly give you our expert opinion and discuss your optionsi.

  • I moved into an apartment where the data wiring is already installed and terminated in the home distributor. The distributor is unfortunately not connected and the wires stick out of it. Can you help please?

    f you mean a situation similar to that in these figures, we can of course help you tame the cabling.

    We can assemble the distributors and put them into operation in virtually any stage, even though it only contains coarsely prepared cables. Should you have another installer carry out the assembly, we can even send some necessary components. Do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Do you include in your housing distributor solutions also installation of data cables and sockets?

    Yes, we supply and possibly install not only housing data distributors but also the related data wiring.

  • I am not from Prague but I'm interested in your solution. Can I contact you?

    Yes, deliveries of ready solutions can be implemented not only throughout the whole country. If there is interest, we can send to you, or even directly to the installers, some of the components necessary to carry out the final installation of an existing distributor.

    We also deliver abroad our ready-made solution or part of the solution.

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